How we measure the student experience


Measuring the student experience at 泛亚电竞 is a big part of what we do. We want to know what students like best — surveys show us it’s a lot — and what we need to work on.

So how do exactly do we do that? We begin by making sure 泛亚电竞 maintains the most rigorous of academic environments. 我们 认证 by the North Central Association of 大学 and Schools Commission on Institutes of Higher Education, as well as other discipline-specific accrediting agencies.


泛亚电竞’s assessment of student learning is conducted in three levels: the course; the major, program or unit; and the institution. 的 assessment system ensures that every academic program — including undergraduate majors, University Core of Common Studies curricula, certification 项目 and graduate 项目 — has specified 学习成果 and a system of assessment to measure the outcomes.


But we also know that student learning takes place outside the classroom, and that includes our residence hall communities and the literally hundreds of opportunities students can dive into: organizations, 信仰活动, 服务活动, internships and co-op work experiences.

For just one example, see what our students think in the National Survey of Student Engagement, which ranks how students say they are engaged with their course work, professors and campus community in five benchmark categories.

Also, read the findings of our 应届毕业生调查, which reports high rates of student involvement and community service.